Integrated Pest Management for Targeted Crop Protection 

Integrated Pest Management for Targeted Crop Protection

A well-designed integrated pest management (IPM) program can help growers apply a smarter, more targeted approach to controlling insects and weeds.

Three Key Steps
Integrated pest management is based on using a series of evaluations and decision-making steps to eliminate pests, with maximum efficacy and minimum environmental impact. Key steps include:

  • Identify: Growers must first identify pests or weeds, so they can choose the most suitable product and timetable to target them. Greater specificity also translates to better economics, as ineffective and even damaging applications would be avoided. Best available control options should be chosen, based on physical, chemical, biological and regulatory considerations.
  • Monitor: Once the damaging species is identified, it is important to keep track of its population, to note the effects of control methods and set an action threshold when control products would be further applied. Where available, use predictive environmental or pest monitoring tools to best time pest control treatments for optimal impact.
  • Choose: As pest populations approach the treatment threshold, various pest control or suppression options become available. In concert with other control methods, the application of an effective pesticide with the least impact on the environment and humans may be the most efficient means of reducing the target pest population. Additionally, early harvest or other physical control methods can help prevent crop injury. Be sure to also look for an abundance of beneficial insects; their presence may indicate that the pest population will decline without intervention.

Matching Products With Pests

DuPont Crop Protection products are designed for use as part of an overall IPM strategy that incorporates information on the life cycle of pests and interaction with the environment, pesticide applicators and field workers.

DuPont gives growers in Europe an arsenal of useful solutions that can improve the results of an integrated pest management program. For example, our reduced risk control products offer selectivity against targeted pests through specific modes of action, as well as favorable environmental attributes.


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