Adaptation… the ability to keep changing, growing, learning and improving is an essential element of life. DuPont™ Corian® is a material that has embodied this spirit of continual evolution ever since its ground breaking invention in the 60s, both in its flexible nature and in the hands of the creative thinkers who have pushed forward its capabilities.

Corian® began its journey as an elegant, high-performance alternative to conventional surfaces in the home, but was soon inspiring designers to discover a multitude of other applications, both functional and decorative. This boundless versatility combined with rigorous research, development, and assessment in practice has now established Corian® as an iconic material of authentic and enduring value.

Today, the distinctive heritage and character of the brand, together with an energetic and collaborative approach to new frontiers, proudly positions Corian® at the forefront of emerging ideas in the world of design.

Z. Island by DuPont™ Corian® exhibition, Design Zaha Hadid, 2006 Milan week of design; photo Leo Torri
DuPont Building Innovations has joined the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and is working with other PMA members on wireless charging solutions for smartphones and tablets that can be effectively integrated into worktops made with DuPont™ Corian® solid surface.

Designed for life

Beauty is at its best when it’s also intelligent, individual and a pleasure to live with. DuPont™ Corian® was created with both sophisticated style and robust reliability in mind. Easy on the eye, silky to the touch and simple to maintain, Corian® has brought the added value of elegance, confidence and peace of mind to millions of homes worldwide. Meanwhile, a constant flow of new developments keeps Corian® at the heart of the modern home.

Leading lights exploration

When the first wheels were fashioned, or the first sails were rigged, they wouldn’t have ventured far without the ambition of the explorer. Likewise for Corian® the voyage of imaginative minds from around the world in the 90’s has opened up new horizons in design and use. Over the years, DuPont has had the pleasure of working with many leading lights in architecture, design, furnishing, fabrication and technology to translate their visions into reality and – in the process – to develop world-class know-how and genuinely innovative solutions.

Dreaming in colour

As subtle, as vibrant, as beautiful and as nuanced as the spectrum itself, the story of colour and Corian® has been a rich and fascinating one. Always with a mind to what the market needs and wants – but always with a sophisticated sense of science and aesthetics – this creative progression of the colour palette has seen it evolve from four simple shades, through a variety of tones and textures, to the refined, exclusive and relevant presentation offered today.

Shaping the future

The sleek, organic curves that are synonymous with Corian® may seem to echo nature in their ease of formability, but this ability to sinuously shape a strong, working surface was a significant breakthrough from DuPont for the world of interior design. Now, the range of creative ways in which to customise the material is as inspiring as it is endless. DuPont™ Corian® has defined a new dimension in material, production and fabrication, thereby helping to sculpt and streamline the shape of things to come.

Critical care

For many human environments, appealing aesthetics are desirable – but proper functionality is absolutely fundamental. DuPont™ Corian® has been of valuable service to healthcare professionals since the 70’s, by virtue of its innately hygienic properties, easy cleaning and renowned performance. The long term, worldwide and on-going experience that DuPont has acquired through working with the hygiene-critical sector continues to offer a crucial resource to this field of design.

Power to the people

The need to come together is part of what defines and enriches humanity and so public places should be not only a source of pleasure and productivity, but also safe, practical, purposeful and pristine. Just as in the home, hospitality, leisure or occupational surfaces should stand up to constant use with seamless style, comfort and functionality – and be repairable should any damage occur. From the 80’s, the wise investment represented by Corian® has been well understood for decades and promises to withstand the new demands of ‘people networking’ for generations to come.

Changing faces

Pushing the envelope is nothing new to Corian® and now this multi-talented material has been embraced by the world of architecture for its considerable worth as a structural façade. Capable of wrapping entire buildings in the kind of practical beauty that will last for the long term, DuPont™ Corian® has just begun this new chapter in its endless evolution… but has already made a spectacular first impression.

Smart High Tech Surfaces

From heat to light and sound to vision… Corian® lends itself easily to the integration of technology and to intelligent customisation.

The late, legendary designer Ettore Sottsass once said publicly that he considered Corian® to be the perfect material to meet a world in which technology would diffuse into daily life.

We listened to his words.

From key initiatives such as achieving zero landfill status in the manufacture of Corian® to advances for enhancing the way we live and respect life, DuPont continues to work closely with this brave new world, as inspired as ever by how the material future may unfold.